Our Focus Areas


Engage students in a flexible space where they are comfortable to enhance interaction


When everyone is seen as a valuable contributor, the community of the college is strengthened


Bolster student persistence by connecting with them in a mentoring environment built with them in mind


Bolster graduation rates by creating mentoring space for students and employees


Mentor networking is how students want to be engaged in the 21st century


Culturally relevant mentoring in a time where mentoring has no culture


We Are On A Mission To Mentor and Change Lives

The Mentor & Match Foundation is on a mission to change lives through mentoring. In partnership with colleges/universities, school districts, law enforcement, and community based organizations. We seek to raise a generation, or two, of individuals that care for society, relationships, and the existence of human life. Join the Mentor & Match Foundation in our quest to improve community, send students to college, graduate students, and build a better future for all.

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Our Mission: Establish partnerships and provide mentor/mentee relationships through a virtual connection.

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Our Vision: Allowing every student to have success through authentic access to mentorship.

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Our Core Values: Diversity, Equity, Education, and Inclusion

Learn How To Start A Mentoring Program

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